Changing of the Seasons

Autumn Venn 3 mosFall is definitely my favorite time of year, but for many, it can be the beginning of a change of moods that is not very welcome.  Many people experience mood changes in the fall for various reasons.  Sometimes it's because of the impending holidays and of increased family or financial stressors.  Sometimes it's because of the changing of the temperature - those heat and sun loving summer people start to miss their daily dose of sunlight and natural Vitamin D.  Then the time changes and it gets darker sooner at night.  I tend to like that time, it makes me feel warm and cozy (read hibernate) but it also can decrease peoples activity and exercise levels and with the change of exposure to light in our brain, our moods can take a dive.

So if your mood is waning beyond what is normal and is starting to interfere with your day to day functioning, give your doctor a call or call me for an assessment.  Either way, try to get morning exposure to sunlight and get some exercise in your day.  Take your dog.